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01. Project Intake

It’s simple to get your project underway. Just contact us with an overview of your needs. Give us some basic information such as the type of product you want (logo design, branding, website design, graphic illustration, etc.) as well as your goals, timeline, any existing content or resources you want to match or incorporate, and the best way we can reach you. Our intake team will review it and reach out to you promptly.

02. Consultation and Estimate

We’ll work directly with you to identify the best solution for your needs. After sharing our recommendations and getting your feedback, we’ll be able to give you an accurate scope of work, time frame, and cost. We make it a point to provide big agency experience without big agency prices. We’ll create an estimate for you to review and approve before work on the project begins. A deposit is required before production starts.

03. Production

We’ll provide a rough draft or mock-up of your project and its elements for your review as we guide it through the steps leading to completion. Your input is helpful for us to ensure that you’ll be satisfied with the results. It’s okay if you’re not sure exactly what you want. We have the knowledge and experience to creatively develop the perfect fit. Once we’ve made any requested revisions and you’ve approved the draft, our team of designers, artists, and data wizards will then fully develop the content to meet your specifications.

04. Final Approval

Shortly before production is complete, we’ll ask for your final approval of the project and any associated design and content. Your approval is the last step before we apply the finishing touches.

05. Payment and Delivery

After receiving payment for the remainder of your invoice, we’ll deliver your product to you through whatever methods you prefer – print, digital, cloud-based, or physical delivery.

06. Deployment and Evaluation

After you’ve deployed your project, we welcome and encourage your feedback on its effectiveness and your success. We will be available for consultation and additional work as needed. Our goal is to always make your success as big a priority as our own.

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